Cold Weather and Your Home

Cold Weather and Your Home

How to Deal with Cold Weather in Florida

We have it great here in Florida. Even in the coolest months of the year, most of the time, we can get away with wearing shorts and flip flops. But sometimes, it does get cold enough here that there are some precautions to take to protect your home from any damage during the winter.

#1 Burn Bans!

Burn bans are put in place for a reason! In the winter months, it’s common for Northwest Florida to be in a drought period, creating a very dry climate. Dry woods + playful and relaxing bonfire = huge fire and possible disaster. If you do feel the need to have a bonfire outside of your home, make sure to keep it under control. Also, don’t start a fire too close to your home. (This may be obvious to most people, but there are too many stories of fires getting out of control and destroying homes).

#2 Check Your Windows and Doors

Don’t waste your money on blasting heat into a home that is drafty! Before it gets too cold, go through your home and make sure all windows and doors with possible leaks are caulked to ensure no hot air escapes and no cold air comes in.

#3 Protect Your Plants

Not all plants can survive cold temperatures or frost. If you can, bring them inside or cover them up to try to save them from frigid temps.

#4 Pipes and Faucets

Because a few counties see freeze warnings in Florida, a very important thing to remember is to protect any outdoor pipes. Make sure to cover them up before the freeze sets in. Also, leave any outdoor faucets slowly dripping so they don’t burst in dropping temperatures.

Along with protecting your home, protect people and pets from the cold, too! If you are fortunate enough, donate a gently used coat to local shelters or to your local Burlington Coat Factory. If you would like to donate to an animal shelter this winter (they could always use blankets, dog food, etc.) please donate to Alaqua Animal Refuge in Freeport, Florida.

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